What This Blog Is About

I have always been amazed at the gifts and talents God has put in each and every one of us. I could only conclude that we are simply part of Him and all gifts and talents come from Him.

This is my journey, as I research the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, to find out gifts and talents, and how they were used. Join me as I go back in time. Maybe we could find your gift and talent, and know how best to use it.

Feel free to share your thoughts, especially if I have skipped any gift from a book of the Bible.

My primary focus will be on the physical gifts and talents. If I am able to discern the spiritual gifts as the research is in progress, I will share this with you.

Enjoy your reading.

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aloted said...

Welcome to blogville..!!!

I am excited already about your blog...and look forward to read more from you :)

Buttercup said...

I followed aloted's orders n came here....i like the concept of ur blog, im sure i'll learn a lot.

Welcome to blogville!