A Mighty Hunter

Cush became the father of Nimrod; he was the first to be a mighty man on the earth.
He was a mighty hunter before the Lord; therefore it is said, Like Nimrod, a mighty hunter before the Lord. (Genesis 10:8-9 AMP).

The Story
Nimrod was a reference when it came to hunters. A hunter in this context includes: A person who pursues someone; A person who searches for something. I can only imagine that he was someone who went after people and after his desires with passion, zeal and very good strategy.
If you read further into Genesis 10: 10 -12, you will find out that Nimrod used his ability to get a lot of people for his kingdom. He also built Nineveh, the city Rehoboth and Calah.

Modern Application
Hunters are judged on the style in which they negotiate obstacles. For Nimrod to have been so mighty a hunter, he would have had unique strategies to overcome his obstacles. He would also have been relentless and someone who does not give up easily.

These days, we are challenged to be hunters: hunters of information and hunters of people (like fishers of men). Not to the detriment of life and property but to profit all. And in the light of obstacles, we can only be called mighty hunters if we apply wise strategies to negotiate the obstacle.

Questions to think on:
1. When you want something, do you pursue it with determination?
2. Do you know anyone you could encourage who enjoys hunting for something e.g. knowledge, people?
3. Are you willing to hunt for people for God?

While you think on the questions, do not forget that you are a reference – the light of the world.

Remain gifted.

13 Enriching Comments:

Buttercup said...

Hunting for people for God has to be one of the hardest things. Some people are just so set in their ways...the only time i tried convincing an atheist that Jesus exists was very difficult, she didnt budge at all.

gbengasile said...

Three words . . . I AM THRILLED. Hunting is what we all do all the time even without knowing but it is best when we hunt in the right way and we sure need God for this direction. I'm impressed yet again. Nice work, gurl. Keep it up!

Nwa Chi said...

Buttercup: - thank God for your passion. An atheist is an atheist. It will also be difficult for her to prove to you that there is no Jesus. Two things to consider when preaching to such people are 1) preach through your actions and the testimonies of your mouth 2)Pray for yourself and them even before you start talking to them about God. The Holy Spirit will put in your mouth the words to say or teach you what to do to have a ready answer for them.

Gbengasile: - now that you pointed it out, I believe we are hunting all the time - for money, for love, for relationships, etc. I am now compelled to ask God for direction as I go about my hunting.
Thank you for your encouragement. You make me want to research more and more.

aloted said...

hmm...may God give us the wisdom to know when to hunt and when to stop hunting cuz some hunting can be fruitless.

keep up the good work

Telekinesys said...

Think the biggest hunt is a heart that pants after God.He usually lets us catch Him if we keep on.Only then can he teach us where, how and what we should hunt for and equips us with the right tools. Nice work, sure to be here often.

Nwa Chi said...

Aloted: - Thank you.

Telekinesys: - Yes, that is true. I think it's because if we do not hunt for God, we may not have what it takes to hunt for men.

Funms-the rebirth said...

i think one of the problems that i see when people face obstacles is giving up, me inclusive! if only we could hold on a lil longer. Hunting people for God is one of the hardest, if not the hardest. There's so much pressure and expectations but perseverance is the key...... my opinion!

Emeka Amakeze said...

After going through your post, the modern application and questions, i relaxed back in my chair, looked myself from head to toe and then called myself Nimrod.

gbengasile said...

Where art thou, sis? Still looking forward to ur next post. How u doing?

aloted said...

knock knock

Telekinesys said...

hey ya

Mimi said...

still love ur blog :)

David C Brown said...

Nimrod means "rebel" - and I reckon the Nineveh and Babel aren't too good places in the Bible.

But don't let that deter anyone from "fishing for men"!