A Mighty Hunter

Cush became the father of Nimrod; he was the first to be a mighty man on the earth.
He was a mighty hunter before the Lord; therefore it is said, Like Nimrod, a mighty hunter before the Lord. (Genesis 10:8-9 AMP).

The Story
Nimrod was a reference when it came to hunters. A hunter in this context includes: A person who pursues someone; A person who searches for something. I can only imagine that he was someone who went after people and after his desires with passion, zeal and very good strategy.
If you read further into Genesis 10: 10 -12, you will find out that Nimrod used his ability to get a lot of people for his kingdom. He also built Nineveh, the city Rehoboth and Calah.

Modern Application
Hunters are judged on the style in which they negotiate obstacles. For Nimrod to have been so mighty a hunter, he would have had unique strategies to overcome his obstacles. He would also have been relentless and someone who does not give up easily.

These days, we are challenged to be hunters: hunters of information and hunters of people (like fishers of men). Not to the detriment of life and property but to profit all. And in the light of obstacles, we can only be called mighty hunters if we apply wise strategies to negotiate the obstacle.

Questions to think on:
1. When you want something, do you pursue it with determination?
2. Do you know anyone you could encourage who enjoys hunting for something e.g. knowledge, people?
3. Are you willing to hunt for people for God?

While you think on the questions, do not forget that you are a reference – the light of the world.

Remain gifted.



Make yourself an ark of gopher or cypress wood; make in it rooms (stalls, pens, coops, nests, cages, and compartments) and cover it inside and out with pitch (bitumen). (Genesis 6:14 AMP).

The Story
Noah was asked to build an ark made of wood. This ark was to house a pair of all living things in addition to his family. To make a wooden stool is work. Imagine making an ark of the dimensions 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high!

For such a construction to float, imagine the wisdom and calculations that would have taken place. This could only have been done with God. The ark was used to preserve life for over 40 days. For proof that this event took place, you could refer to the information here.

Modern Application
Houses, furniture, household utensils and decorations can be made of wood. There is hardly any workplace or home that does not have something made of wood. With some imagination, creativity and modern parts and designs, and equipment, carpentry is one business that will always be relevant in today’s society.

Questions to think on:
1. Do you have a flair for building things?
2. Do you know anyone you could encourage who enjoys the hammer, nail, fixing and building things?
3. Can you build people or ideas?

For beginners: The Key to being successful in this area is to start small but with good quality products.

Remain gifted.


First Tailor and Seamstress

Then the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves apronlike girdles. Genesis 3: 7 (AMP).

The Story
Adam and Eve had just sinned against God. They disobeyed Him by eating of the tree He instructed them not to. Now their eyes were opened. They realized they were naked. They had to sew for themselves coverings of fig leaves.

That began the need for clothes. Today, clothing is regarded as a basic necessity of life. We cannot do without tailors or seamstresses. Adam and Eve were hence the first tailor and seamstress. Their purpose was to hide their shame/nakedness.

G &T: Sewing
The ability to make clothes is indeed a rare gift. Current times present themselves as opportunities to explore this gift. This is because in addition to being a basic necessity of life, fashion is usually defined by clothes.

Questions to think on:
1. Do you have the gift/ability to make clothes?
2. What possible uses could one make out of the ability to make clothes?
3. Is there anyone around you who needs encouragement to explore this talent in their life?

Remain gifted.

(Note, G&T stands for Gift and Talent).


What This Blog Is About

I have always been amazed at the gifts and talents God has put in each and every one of us. I could only conclude that we are simply part of Him and all gifts and talents come from Him.

This is my journey, as I research the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, to find out gifts and talents, and how they were used. Join me as I go back in time. Maybe we could find your gift and talent, and know how best to use it.

Feel free to share your thoughts, especially if I have skipped any gift from a book of the Bible.

My primary focus will be on the physical gifts and talents. If I am able to discern the spiritual gifts as the research is in progress, I will share this with you.

Enjoy your reading.